Being Young

On Scheduling

day-planner-828611_960_720When I have a schedule in place, I know better what I want. Things, even the most trivial of them when looked at the larger picture, are in my control.

I like to have a schedule, I like having things – my own things – under my control. Scheduling keeps much of melancholia at bay. I am much more content that way.

Scheduling is a way of ordering time, of picking it out from the fabric of the universe and personalising it, customising it, taming it. Making it do your bidding in the minutest, minutest scale. It is a way of ensuring the ever elusive time does not slip away from your fingers before you’ve done something for yourself, accomplished some small task. Knowing time is knowing to chart out contentment, dole out contentment in neat little slots of tiny tasks effectively accomplished.


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