Being Young

On Being Lost


I am one of those few (many? I wouldn’t know actually, we should create a club!) people who seem to find it extremely difficult not getting lost. This, no matter where they are – in a new city, or their very own neighbourhood.

I just don’t get roads.

This, by the way, in no way relates to the fact of being lost in life in general, too. Because that is strictly a millennial problem, and I’m a twenty-something strictly-not-millennial normal person.

But seriously though, roads are confusing. I have tried working with noting landmarks (although I now think that I may not have tried using this method too earnestly before), it doesn’t work. I have a tendency to get lost in the city I have lived in all my life.

A few months ago, to combat this problem, I came up with a solution. I was to familiarise myself with the panic that sets in me when I realised I have got lost as completely as I ever could be. I am to get used to the strange, debilitating feeling of being lost. Only then will I in any circumstance anywhere, be able to think calmly and clearly.

The feeling of being lost has to be befriended, made familiar, normalised. Instead of panicking, I should be able to say: ah, you again. Let’s get going, shall we?

Me, I work well with instincts and intuition. So in matters like these, I ‘m going to let them guide me. Since there is some part of my brain that seems to be missing in action when it comes to navigating through the city, I must work with what I have. We not all of us have the ability to grasp exactly where we are. Or, in some extreme cases, be able to use Google maps.


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