How to Look at the Larger Picture


Come out of the moment. Don’t get trapped in there. At the same time, be aware of the moment. Take in what it has to offer, rejoice in it, but don’t hold it as the ultimate gatekeeper of all future moments. It’s just what it is: a moment. It will pass.

Consider where you are going. Think about where you want to go. Keep your goal always in your sight.

Self-pity is fun, but it takes you nowhere really. It blocks your mind, tricks you into thinking that your problems are the world’s most extraordinary ones, and that you should get some sort of reward for going through them. There will always be problems – that is a part of life, just like the need to answer nature’s call whenever nature calls, or suffering through all kinds of aches whether bodily or mental. Take them in your stride, and treat them like you would a tiny black spot on the inside of your wrist: just there, and unlike the spot, needing to be taken care of and done away with. What can be extraordinary is not the problem, but the solution adopted to take care of it.

What’s next? – should be your focus. Let go, let go, let go!


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